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This store has some of the most unique pieces you will find in the city from sexy to casual accessories and all right here on the south side!

The loft has the perfect pieces for any event. I love it. I Will definitely shop here again!

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If you know me, then you know what I’ve always liked to do! Anything that’s trendy I want and anything that has to do with Fashion I’m there. Over the years I’ve had a million excuses for why I shouldn’t follow my dreams and goals, which has stopped me from being true to myself. I tried other businesses ventures and nothing really gave me the satisfaction I was looking for....

    But when I tell you I’m doing something that I absolutely love, and everything has fallen into place. I feel like God gave me the blueprint out of the book he wrote for me and said, "GET TO WORK"! I’ve had sleepless nights and restless days, but I’m overly excited and extremely proud to announce my store!